Employment Law: Supreme Court Rules on Discrimination

Employment Law: Supreme Court Rules on Discrimination

The introduction of employment law was done to give the employees a safer to work. If we give an example employers in Columbia are under an obligation to provide the employees a workplace that is safe and secured for them. The employers also see to it that the employees do not face any kind of harassment inside the office premises by any senior worker or employer. But if somebody is continuously facing harassment they can always seek the help of the best employment lawyer in Toronto to resolve the case with the employer. Under the employment law it is mentioned what can be constituted or classified as a type of harassment.

Harassment Includes:

Much of the employer may not know about the types of harassment that is stated by the employment law. But you can know about them in details from the best employment lawyers in TorontoEmployment law was done with the purpose of reducing discrimination between the employers and employees. But in some places, discrimination still now happens between the senior workers, management and the employees. The complaints done against harassment typically include ill treatment for a long time, misbehavior with the employees and many serious incidents that take place in the workplace. Harassment can also include certain type of physical contact, intimidation, threats, and undesirable touching by a colleague.

Advantages of Employment Law:

There are many advantages of the employment law. Though the norms and regulations of the law varies from company to company, the primary aim of it is to look after the well being of the employees in a particular company and so that they are safe and have a healthy atmosphere to work. The law is made irrespective of any company that you are working and it prevents discrimination of employees regarding religion, caste, color, and gender. You can always know about the advantages from the best employment lawyers in Toronto or you can read them in the list mentioned below.

  • The law ensures that the employees are treated fairly.
  • It prevents conflict between the employees.
  • Prevents the company from getting a bad reputation and undergo the help of employment lawyers Toronto.
  • There are guidelines written in the law about the treatment of the employees by the employers.
  • The ethics that should be maintained by the senior workers inside the premises of the workplace.
  • The implementation of the law motivates the employees to work in proper manner and give them a feeling of safety inside the workplace.
  • If the employers implement the employment law then they will be able to prevent worker unrest and strikes in the workplace.

Disadvantages of Employment Law:

Besides the advantages of employment law, it also certain disadvantages which the employers may not be aware of. You can get the details from employment lawyers Toronto before you implement the law in your workplace. Following are the disadvantages of the employment law.

  • The employers have to pay the employees when they are not working in case of health issues.
  • If required the company also have to take up a temporary employee to work and they have to pay the person too.
  • The cost of the company increases in various ways if they implement the employment law.
  • Monitoring of the employees can take time and it takes a lot of effort to look after all the employees of the company.

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