Fighting Sexual Harassment with Employment Lawyer Toronto

Sexual harassment at workplace has become a common thing. Every now and then one gets to hear a woman employee being harassed by their employers or colleagues. Sexual harassment against woman employee is not only limited to one part of a place. Rather, it has spread all over the world. Thus, whenever a woman employee faces some kind of sexual harassment they should take legal action against the accused.

If you are working in Canada and you are facing some kind of sexual harassment at workplace, you should consult an employment lawyer Toronto. An employment attorney can clearly help clients understand that sexual harassment as an ‘unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature’. According to Supreme Court of Canada, any kind of sexual harassment can affect the work environment and it can lead to unfavorable consequence for the victim. It can affect the victim physically as well as psychologically.

Various Forms of Sexual Harassment

Society tries hard to avoid sexual harassment at workplace by punishing the accused and compensating the victim. However, Canadian laws is looking forward to punish the person and compensating victims a whooping amount which can range from $12,000 to $50,000, if the case against sexual harassment is proved.,

However, reputed employment lawyer Toronto feels that it is important for woman employees to have a clear idea about the range of harassments. They are:

  • Verbal comments
  • Bad gestures and physical conducts
  • Awkward Solicitations

Sexual Harassments Affects Everyone

If you take a close look into Statistics Canada, you will get to see almost 6% of women report of being sexually harassed at their workplace. The entire thing about sexual harassment is not only degrading but also can affect a person negatively. It can affect their mental health as well as their productivity. Thus, woman employers can take the help of employment lawyer Toronto in order to fight against it. The lawyer will take necessary steps so that their client is not sexually harassed in near future.

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Take the Help of Lawyer

Even after complaining to an employer if a woman employee feels that their grievances is  not addressed, they should take the help of legal recourse. The employment attorney after evaluating the case can file a complaint in the court. Before filing a complaint the lawyer will discuss various options available to the clients. For example, a client can settle the case through trials or go through a mutual negotiation.

Employment lawyer Toronto will try to investigate the case from their side. They will try to see that proper sexual harassment policy is followed. In case it hasn’t been followed they can file a lawsuit. The lawyer gives employers the chance to respond. In case the employer doesn’t respond they take action by filing a compensation for the mental trauma of their client.

The possible cost of sexual harassments can cost a business thousands of dollars. Hence, an employer tries to respond to a case of sexual harassment promptly even if the case has no merit. Hence, they try to take the help of employment lawyer Toronto to review and mediate the case as fast as possible.