The Women’s Equality Coalition came together in 2006 to fight the actions against women’s rights taken by the Government of Canada, specifically:

  • Cancellation of the child care agreements with the Provinces
  • Refusal to take action on Federal Pay Equity Legislation
  • Cancellation of the Court Challenges Program
  • Changes to the mandate of Status of Women Canada eliminating reference to women’s equality; significant reduction in the Department’s budget ultimately resulting in the closure of offices and the limitation in services to women; and amendments to the funding guidelines that severely impact on women’s organizations and their ability to address fundamental systemic change.

The Coalition has objected to these actions within the context of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Coalition will continue to monitor the actions of the Government of Canada which have a negative impact on women and will develop a critical feminist response to these actions and:

  • Promote the collaboration of equality seeking organizations and groups in advancing the equality of women and the elimination of discrimination against women
  • Coordinate on a pan-Canadian level the activities of organizations and groups intent on advancing women’s equality and advocating for the full participation of women in decision making at all levels
  • Galvanize (set in motion) cooperative actions in a non-hierarchal environment fostered and informed by collective experience
  • Stress the positive aspects of women’s culture and resourcefulness in an atmosphere of support of all women by all women
  • Assemble and utilize resources that will facilitate fundamental and systemic change.